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Make Your House Value Skyrocket

We all know the housing market is fickle, but there are ways to control the value of your home.

1. Make sure your property is well kept (mowed lawn, fences are painted/patched, animal infestations treated, etc.)

2. Little fixer-upper projects like replacing one stretch of damaged base board can elevate the look of the entire room, pay attention to little nicks and cracks throughout the home

3. Oil creaky hinges, it’s a small step to take for a step towards a flawless showing and charming the buyer

4. Remodel your kitchen. Say goodbye to the dated cabinets and give the room a facelift with a fresh coat of paint and new features that modernize the atmosphere

5. Finishing your basement can be an expensive undertaking, but it is one of the most common deal-breakers among buyers, consider it an investment

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