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9 Things To Consider When Choosing A Real Estate Agent (2022)

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Picking the right real estate agent is arguably one of the most important decisions you will make when buying or selling a home. That is why we have created this simple checklist to help you decide which real estate agent to use. We recommend using this checklist to vet at least 3 agents before making a final decision.

The Checklist

  1. Do you get along well with the realtor?

  2. Does this agent have expertise in your type of home?

  3. Do other people recommend/like this real estate agent?

  4. Will this realtor keep your best interest in mind?

  5. Do you feel like you can trust them?

  6. Are they up front about risks and potential issues?

  7. Are they easy to communicate with? i.e. Do they answer your phone calls?

  8. Does the real estate agent display passion AND conviction?

  9. Go with your gut. Does this feel like a good fit?

The Breakdown

1. Do you get along well with the realtor?

You are going to be spending a lot of time with your realtor. We recommend that you choose an agent that is real and relatable. Using a real estate agent requires a high degree of person-to-person service. Pick someone that will be easy to talk to and can easily explain everything to you in a way that makes sense.

2. Does This Agent Have Expertise in Your Type of Home?

Whether you are searching for a duplex, apartment, luxury listing, single-family home, or commercial real estate finding an agent that has expertise in this area is vital to getting the absolute best possible outcome. Each category of real estate requires different knowledge, connections, and skillsets. Although expertise is important, this should not be a deal breaker if the agent checks most or all of the other boxes on the checklist.

3. Do Other People Recommend/Like This Real Estate Agent?

Look around Google, Yelp, and Zillow for the real estate agent. Are most of the reviews positive, neutral, or negative? The number of reviews also matters, a 5-star rating with only 2 reviews means a lot less than someone with a 5-star rating with 30+ ratings. Do you know anyone personally who has worked with this agent? How was their experience?

4. Will This Realtor Keep Your Best Interest in Mind?

When working with an agent, be open about what you are looking for or what your goals are. If the agent seems to be putting little emphasis on your needs, it is likely they are showing you properties that benefit themselves rather than you. Ask lots of questions before you commit and don’t be afraid to move on to someone else. This is the biggest purchase you will likely ever make and should be made with someone that has your best interest in mind.

5. Do You Feel Like You Can Trust Them?

Pay close attention to how they answer your questions, does it feel like it’s coming from a place of honesty and experience or somewhere else? When you tell them what you want does it feel like they are REALLY listening to you? Any agent can use technology to market your property or find homes for sale. However, it takes a real person to listen to you so they can work to achieve your goals.

6. Are They Up Front About Risks and Potential Issues?

Real estate agents with substantial experience will be able to foresee risks and issues that may come up down the road. It isn’t advisable to use an agent that is just going to make every property look like rainbows and butterflies when the reality may be the exact opposite. Having someone who can tell you if a home is overvalued, has foundational issues, may require unexpected repairs later on, or the long-term outlook of your investment is vital.

7. Are They Easy to Communicate With?

In 2022, homes are selling very fast. Often times within a few weeks or even days of hitting the market. It is paramount that you are able to connect with them whenever you need and that they are reaching out to you regularly throughout the process.

8. Does The Real Estate Agent Display Passion AND Conviction?

By looking at an agents marketing technique of other listings, you can get a good feel for the agent’s passion and honesty. Pay close attention to how they are handling their personal brand and appearance.

9. Go With Your Gut. Does This Feel Like a Good Fit?

After going through the checklist, you will have a pretty good idea who you may want to go with. However, sometimes you will be choosing between many different realtors. Follow your intuition and what feels right. If it feels right, it is probably a good fit.


It is important that you don't just pick the first agent that contacts you. The right agent will make a world of difference in the home buying or selling process. If you feel that Dennis Jordan and Associates is a good fit (we hope you choose us). You can find our contact information here: Click me!

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