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4 Home Loan Hacks Everyone Should Know

1. Your Tax Returns and W-2's for the Last Two Years

These are a basic requirement in order for the lender to verify your income and make sure that both of you are in a positive financial state to start your loan process.

2. Pay Stubs From the Last 30 Days

This is just another way for the lender to double-check that you are in a stable financial state to start your loan verification, to protect both you and your lenders financially.

3. Bank Statements from the Last Two Months

If you have any large outstanding debts or financial blocks, look into resolving them to make your loan application process as smooth as possible.

4. Your Drivers License (Or A Copy of It)

While it might seem silly since you have contacted them before and possibly have met or even known your lender, they do need it for legal verification so they can access and discuss your protected information.

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