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Five Stunning New Sinks

With rustic tones and rich, warm colors trending for home decor in 2018, a reoccurring theme is gorgeous sinks, so here are five of our favorites.

This black farmhouse sink from Red Cottage Chronicles is a sturdy sink that is made of 80% granite, providing a durable product that will resist mold, rust, and damage such as chipping or stains. The interior of the sink is built like most farmhouse sinks, deep and wide for maximum space inside the sink, perfect for washing large pots and pans.

This raised bathroom farmhouse sink from Design Chic gives another sense of dimension to an already gorgeous restroom, with a white interior and exterior and a deep bottom with raised siding, giving a modern home to a classic sink.

Giving a modern textured look to a typically rustic feature, this farmhouse sink from Contemporist constructed from nickel gives the spotlight to the eye-catching basin.

This elongated farmhouse sink, featured by Fox Hollow Cottage, is built with a roomy three-sectioned design with counter space built into each side of the sink.

Last but not least, this rustic stone-carved farmhouse sink from A Simple Life Magazine features a roughly textured basin and, modern drain and disposal, and a streamlined faucet.

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